“Cross-Country” or “Transmision” pipelines are an economic option to move oil, gas, water as an alternative to rails, or ships and roads. Pipelines are used to carry resources over trillions of dollars on daily basis around the globe.

Though many activities take place around the construction of a pipeline, given the approved engineering specification, through our history we in Lincoln Electric have been focused on continuous development of the welding activity. We take pride to be pioneers in the classic and the modern pipeline welding activities. The welding application in pipelines is subject to the acceptable engineering specifications.

Processes are developed and selected, based on the economics and site conditions where the construction can be segmented into two main subsegments depedning on the environmental surroundings that create a different set on challenges to tackle and expertise to solve:

• Onshore pipelines
• Offshore pipelines


Oil, natural gas and water flow through pipes. Indeed, pipelines link the world together, carrying the raw materials needed to provide enough energy for an ever increasing population. The world is changing, resources are coming from more remote locations, populations are outgrowing their infrastructure and the demand for new pipeline constructions is growing. These new realities present technical challenges and stringent mechanical criteria for the pipeline designs. Whether it’s subsea line in arctic Russia or water line in central Africa, we continously develop the products, processes, solutions and the knowledge to help you build a quality pipeline prefessionally and cost effectively.


The growing demand for higher service pressures, increased activity in sour service, more severe operating environments, tighter control and stricter environmental regulations all affect the construction industry. The increased use of high-strength steels tolerating thinner wall pipe for higher-quality demands and not being susceptible to brittle fracture or hydrogen-induced cracking. Contractors must comprehend these challenges with the obligation necessity of managing costs and securing deadlines. This is where we can support.


While SMAW has long been the industry standard, newer materials require improved welding processes and mechanized welding solutions. Our industry specialists are experienced in most welding processes used in pipeline construction. The material available for pipeline construction ranges from carbon manganese to superduplex. We offer a comprehensive matrix of equipment, consumables, solutions and knowledge engineered to meet or exceed the welding requirements for each of the base materials used in the pipeline industry.


We remain committed to advancing the science and technology of welding for customers in the pipeline industry. As a strategy, we invest heavily in engineering, automation, research and development to further enhance our leading position in the market. Highly trained and experienced technologists, engineers and doctorate-level experts are available to customers to troubleshoot problems in the field of develop new processes or consumable solutions on actual customer parts.