Oil & Gas Offshore


It is particularly important to understand the role that welding plays in ensuring Offshore Structures and Pipelines achieve their intended service life while processing highly corrosive mediums, under reservoir pressures, over a wide temperature range, where increased industry oversight, reliable and well-documented welding solutions are critical.


Lincoln Electric understands the critical nature of welding requirements in the Oil and Gas Offshore industry. From stringent CTOD and toughness requirements on extreme thickness components to precision welding and cladding with alloy consumables used in highly corrosive environments, consistency and reliability, key to delivering a project on time and under budget.

Welding of high-strength Q&T and HSLA carbon steels, stainless and nickel alloys present unique challenges, covered by many different welding codes, standards and owner specifications. Complex subsea installations, new FPSO vessel and traditional topsides require a thorough understanding of alloy welding processes and consumables.


Characterized by large tubular and complex T-K-Y node connections, the construction of platform and tower support structures is one of the most complex welding applications in the offshore industry. Lincoln Electric has developed cutting and welding process and consumable solutions to meet the needs of leg, pile, and bracing fabrication where weld integrity, and mechanical properties (for example, toughness down to -40°C) is commonly required.


Characterized by their immense size and unique individual designs, FLOATING Structures and SPAR fabrication requires proven and robust welding solutions. Lincoln Electric manufactures specifically designed consumables, to meet the welding requirements for hull and tubular fabrication, including stiffener, block, and bracing, construction. Where extreme toughness and CTOD properties require the use of low-alloy electrode, Lincoln Electric provides process and consumable solutions.


Lincoln Electric provides global experience and industry-leading applications knowledge for jack-up rig fabrication.

These structures capable of operating in water depths >100 metres, drilling to depths >10000 metres, offer flexibility and mobility for shallow to medium water depths operation.

Hull: A watertight structure supporting Equipment, systems, and human resource , enabling operation of the unit. When afloat, (in transit) providing buoyancy, supporting weight of legs, Spud Cans (footings), and topside equipment. Typical Steel Grades: DIN StE355 (StE36) DIN T StE420 (TT StE43)

Legs: High Strength Steel structures support the hull in operating mode. Providing stability, resistance to lateral loading, and elevation of the hull above storm wave crests, to withstand wave, current, and wind loads. Typical steel Grades ALDUR 700QL1, A514grade Q, A517grF, SUPERELSO 690SR, API x65.
Spud Cans / Footings: Increase load bearing interface with sea bed, when in operational position, allowing extraction and leg elevation for transportation mode.

Typical steel Grades DIN StE355 (StE36) DIN T StE420 (TT StE43) /ALDUR 700QL1, A514grade Q, A517grF, SUPERELSO 690SR, API x65.


The topside/deck includes a number of modules covering functions related to utilities (power & water), accommodation, drilling/production, processing and transportation (helideck). Typical grades include DIN StE355 (St36) DI T StE420 (TT StE43) API 2Y Gr 50,60 & 65.

Lincoln Electric provides a comprehensive alloy solutions matrix to meet the needs of topside welding applications for piping, topside equipment, pumps and valve body/bonnets, offering consistent quality and global manufacture of consumable solutions for Carbon Manganese, HSLA, 300 Grade Stainless, 22Cr & 25Cr Duplex stainless, 6% Mo stainless steels, Nickel Alloys 625, C276, C22, 686, 59, C2000, and Copper Nickel Alloy piping.


To meet increasing requirements for higher yield strength, lower weld deposit hardness, and consistent impact toughness after post-weld heat treatment (PWHT), we have developed a global portfolio of welding solutions for subsea components. We also offer a full matrix of SMAW, GMAW, FCAW-G and SAW consumables that are NACE compliant and designed specifically for subsea PWHT applications.

Lincoln Electric’s subsea product offering is complemented by a full range of application-specific cladding solutions, including advances in technological developments for laser cladding and other proprietary power source solutions, each of which can be adapted to meet offshore industry requirements.