Who we are

The Lincoln Electric Company is founded by John C. Lincoln to manufacture direct current motors.

Company leadership transitions to James F. Lincoln who successfully developed a renowned incentive performance system that was founded on mutual respect, designed to motivate employees to excel through pay-for-performance and profit sharing, and aligned the interests of employees, management and shareholders.

J. F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation is launched to promote education of arc welding.

1945 – 1965
Focused on stream lining operations and passing cost savings onto customers.

• Stressed high-quality production of a limited number of products (stick electrodes and DC arc welding equipment)
• Established today’s Head Quarter in 1951 in Euclid, Ohio, USA
• Established the Lincoln Electric Foundation in 1952

James F. Lincoln’s death marked the end of family management of the business. William Irrgang succeeds James as CEO.

1966 – 1985
Company enjoyed 40% market share in USA and management focused on defending this success. Manufacturing capacity expanded in Ohio, USA.

1986 – 1999
Accelerated acquisitions in Europe to reinforce the company’s position before trade restrictions were imposed.

• Company increased from 5 plants in 4 countries in the late 1980s to 22 plants in 15 countries by 1992
• Harris was acquired in 1990
• Company celebrates its 100th year in 1995 and achieves $1 billion in sales
• Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc. lists on NASDAQ as ‘LECO’

2000 – 2009
International expansion with a focus in emerging markets.

• Expanded Harris with the acquisition of J.W. Harris
• Significant investments in the Cleveland operation
• Accelerated R&D investments with emphasis on welding equipment systems
• Improved operational efficiency with a standardized operating system

2010 – 2016
Launched the ‘2020 Vision and Strategy’.

• Accelerated the growth of automated welding and cutting solutions with 10 acquisitions and positioned Lincoln Electric as a leading solutions provider
• Enhanced the specialty consumables and hard facing portfolio through acquisitions
• Education solutions expanded through acquisitions and the development of curriculums, enhanced training tools and classroom-scaled equipment systems


Acquisition of Air Liquide Welding , bringing new brands as Oerlikon, SAF-FRO and Weldline to Lincoln Electric portfolio and allowing a wider offer for customers.

Inauguration of 12,000 m² Lincoln Electric Welding Training and Technology Center (WTTC) in Cleveland after a $25 million investment.

Launching of the 2025 Higher Standard Strategy focusing on raising our effectiveness and investments in 4 Core Areas:

• Customer Focused
• Employee Development
• Solutions & Value
• Operational Excellence

Askaynak in Turkey fully integrates the Lincoln Electric Group.

Celebrating the 125th anniversary of Lincoln Electric company